Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management by Starling Reese

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Mobile Device Management (per mobile)


Enterprise Mobility Management includes:


– Ensures that your business mobile devices are secure, appropriately configured and optimized.

– Email set-up in just a few clicks.

– Take action when a mobile device is lost or stolen.

– Enforce corporate security policies

– Report on devices



Control the end-users experience on mobile devices

  • Set up access to corporate E-mail
  • Track the location of a mobile device
  • Wipe a mobile device

Handle Helpdesk tickets related to mobile devices

  • Find a  lost device
  • Assist email access

Apply a standardized set of security policies across multiple devices

  • Apply passcode settings
  • Prevent a user from accessing the camera
  • Prevent users from purchasing items through the mobile device

Take specific actions against a device

  • Wipe entire mobile device in case it gets lost or stolen
  • Wipe selected data only – i.e. Exchange emails
  • Lock a mobile device
  • Reset passcode
  • Track lost or stolen devices using GPS
  • Send messages to device

Report on the mobile devices that you are managing

  • Generate inventory reports on mobile devices that provide insight into their software and hardware

Protect your business data

Critical company data is carried on numerous mobile devices making their loss or theft devastating. With mobile device management from Starling Reese, you can track the device using GPS or do a partial or full wipe of the device. Problem solved.


  • The only solution that monitors the warranty expiry date of Apple devices.
  • Devices can be fully wiped, or selected data (for example, Exchange emails) can be wiped
  • Devices can be tracked, and their current and historical locations can be plotted on a map
  • Devices can be remotely locked to prevent unwanted access
  • Administrators can send messages to one or more mobile devices, making it easy to alert users
  • N-central provides a full audit trail that shows who has modified or taken action against a device
  • The mobile device status report makes it easy to see what mobile devices are under management, what Profiles have been applied to them, and whether or not any mobile devices are marked as ‘Lost.’
  • Users can apply MDM Profiles to mobile devices, making it easy to pre-configure your customer’s mobile devices and enforce security restrictions. Starling Reese can apply these profiles automatically through Rules, making standardizing your business mobile device settings extremely scalable.