Outsourced CIO

CIO expertise for the bigger picture

Need help beyond your day-to-day IT issues?

Starling Reese  CIO Service offers CIO-level expertise to help you make more strategic short and long-term technology decisions.

We’ll provide you with a thorough assessment of your current IT environment, insight into how the right technology can take your business to the next level and ongoing support in prioritizing and monitoring your technology goals.

Our CIO Service helps you to take a more proactive role in driving your business where you want it to be.

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Outsourced CIO Services (per Company)


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Managed IT Services

  • Application Availability Report
  • AV Status Report
  • Availability Comparison Report
  • Capacity Planning Report
  • Data Protection Report
  • Downtime Cost Impact Report
  • Executive Summary Report
  • Health QuickView
  • Monthly Availability Comparison
  • Network Assessment Report
  • Network Health Overview Report
  • Network Oversight Report
  • Notification Summary Report
  • Patch Status Report
  • Resource Utilization Report
  • Service Availability Report
  • Site Overview Report
  • Technical Summary Report
  • Ticket Summary Report
  • Traffic Usage Report
  • Utilization Comparison Report

 Managed Assets

  • Device Notes Overview
  • Hardware Inventory Report
  • Hardware Upgrade Planning Report
  • Last Boot Up Time and Logged In User by Device
  • Managed Devices by Operating System
  • Managed Devices SLA Report
  • Managed Devices Summary
  • Managed Devices Versus Time
  • Patch Overview
  • Printer Consumables Report
  • Shared Folders Overview
  • Software Inventory Report
Managed Security

  • Alert by Category Report
  • Alert Summary by Category Report
  • Critical Error Report
  • Firewall Incident Trend Report
  • Incident Summary
  • Remote Control Usage Report
  • Security Alert Report